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*About Michaella Misko, Founder/LMP/Aromatherapist/Coach & Mentor


"Experience touch with SOUL!" image

Hello and Welcome!  My name is Michaella, Licensed Massage Practictioner (LMP) and Founder of The Wellness Sanctuary.  

Orginally, I came into the massage profession in 2006 and started my practice called Eve's Sanctuary.  As I grew in knowledge and experience of Bodywork and Wellness my vision for my practice shifted. 

In 2011 I  formed The Wellness Sanctuary in hopes to provide my clients further access to a true "haven for healing".  A graduate of the Cortiva Institute, Brenneke School of Massage, Seattle, Washington-I came into this vocation after having been in the "traditional healthcare field" since 2000. 

My experience of working in a hospital setting gave me first-hand insight of what our current healthcare system offered and where it was at.  As much as I saw great patient care, I also saw bad patient care- the lack of compassion in healthcare workers due to various reasons...lack of enthusiam for their chosen work, patient abuse/misuse of the healthcare system which in turn led to practitioners having skewed views of the patients they were seeing.  Many times I would see patients who were treated as "just another number" and their wants/needs going unheard.  I was disheartened.  I also saw the massive amount of money that was spent in healthcare to treat humanity's ailments. 

What I realized was that one way or another you were going to have to pay for your health-either now or later.  Many times we don't want to invest in ourselves now and keep putting our well-being off; but if you think about it- what kind of quality of life do you want to have as you get older?  And two, allowing health issues to go untreated can  easily turn into a huge E.R. visit to goodness knows what else may need to be done and easily cause you to go bankrupt in a single weekend.  The other big question that came up for me encompassed the very word "Healthcare".   Sometimes I think it should be called "Sickcare" as if you were truly healthy there would be no obscene profits to be made.  This led me to seek out other ways we could help ourselves to be well and by me wanting to help others has led me onto the path of bodywork, coaching, and nutrition. 

I believe that it is time to start a "Wellness Revolution" where you take charge of your own life and health and instead of being reactive- Be proactive.  Take preventative measures to ensure your wellness so you don't have to be in pain or sick.  Don't get me wrong-I totally believe in Western Medicine in regards to acute care; but I also  believe that there are ways to incorporate ancient knowledge with new information/technology and that we can integrate the two so that it is a win-win for everyone- first & foremost, that being YOU, the patient aka consumer. 

I also believe that to be healthy and "dis-ease" free you must take care of the mind, body, and spirit.  Massage therapy does just that by focusing on the "whole" person on all levels.  I consider an ideal massage to be one that "gets the knots out" while allowing yourself to get into a relaxed state so that the true healer within yourself can go to work.  In using Nutrition as therapy, it heals your body from the inside out. 

I feel that it is a personal responsibility to ourselves to invest in our own health.  I am committed to helping others do that by educating clients about the benefits of body work, coaching, and nutrition along with offering affordable rates combined with quality service. 

I incorporate Aromatherapy, Cupping, Crystal Therapy, Energy Work, Hot Stones, & Spa Therapy into my practice along with directing others towards sound Nutritional Information.  I also offer Life/Wellness Coaching to those who need direction in "asking the right question(s)" to lead you to answers you already know inside and then provide the motivation/inspiration/support to get you there...including Business Consulting for Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses.

Having been in the healthcare profession for almost 15 years has led me to keep on finding ways of helping others via the Wellness Path.  I have combined all of my learnings along with establishing great connections with others to continue to bring the best in Wellness to all I know.  Currently working on developing a plant-based food business focusing on families/youth and creating a Wellness Association that truly connects great providers and businesses to consumers...Stay tuned!

My specialties include: injury treatment, stress reduction/deeper relaxation, wellness care, headache relief, pregnancy massage, sleep difficulties, triggerpoint therapy, myofascial release, and back/neck/shoulder issues.  

I am an Insurance Provider for: Aetna, Cigna, First Choice, Federal L&I, L&I, Group Health, PIP, Premera, and Out-of-network; such as Regence.

Available: Mon 1130am-2pm, Tue & Thu 1130am-7pm, and Fri 1130am-2pm 


My thoughts may be unconventional but it was my intention to give you, those that I work for,image and the children of our future, including my own- a new outlookimage on what "Healthcare" could be.  It is my wish to be of service along your wellness journey.  I look forward to working with you!









image*About Leanne Kuhlman, LMP (By Request/On-Call)


"You CAN Feel Better"

It has been a few years now since I began my own practice of Waterland Wellness. I have learned a great deal about bodywork and how it helps to improve a person’s overall health, outlook and vigor.

Bodywork is my true calling because of the sense of fulfillment I receive when assisting in the improvement of my client’s well-being.   I have a good foundation in understanding what it is to be a bodywork client because I have always received bodywork. I have lived with imbalance in my skeletal  and myofascial (muscles and connective tissue) systems all of my life.  

In fact, without regular therapy, I probably could never have become a bodyworker. Being a client, I know the benefits of bodywork and specifically how it has helped me over the years. Because I have this intimate understanding, I am delighted to be able to share this with others and to let you know that your health can improve with regular massage. 

You CAN feel better! Some of the issues massage provided relief for me was with my headaches, back and hip pain, and reduction of stress.  I find at times instant relief from massage, with my usual aches much less severe, and my overall mood improves as my function improves.  I am so happy to be able to share this gift with you and look forward to meeting you! 

I also practice Reiki, Hot Stone, and Aromatherapy.  I graduated from Massage Connection-School of Natural Healing, Tacoma, Washington.  

Insurance Provider for: Aetna, Cigna, Group Health, L&I, PIP, & Out-of-network; such as Regence.

Available: Mon thru Fri 10am-2pm; by request as on-call



*About Sarah Brattkus, LMPimage


"Here to Help, Learn, & Grow"

Hi, I'm Sarah.  I graduated from the Cortiva Institute, in Federal Way.  My passion for going to massage school came from loving to help others and has grown further from all that I have learned while in school.  The feeling I get from being able to make a difference empowers me to continue learning about all the ways I can assist in the healing of everyone I help. 

I really enjoy relaxation work along with myofascial and positional releases and the use of hydrotherapy.  I love the outdoors and spending time reading a good book.  I'm excited for the opportunity to work with everyone that I can!  

Insurance Provider for: PIP, 3rd Party MVA, and Out-of-network; such as Regence.

Available: Sunday's 12pm-4pm



*About Tom Jones, LMPimage


"Making Lives Better & Less Stressful"

I was born in Seattle WA and traveled the entire country as a child before moving back to Seattle and graduating from O’Dea High School.

After 30+ years in the meat industry, I retired from that career and chose to follow my passion for wellness by providing care to others.  I found massage therapy as my avenue to accompany clients on their journey to health, finding their way to a healthy balance in their lives.

I graduated from The Cortiva Institute of Massage in Federal Way where I was educated by high level instructors on all aspects of massage and personal health. I began my massage career at a spa that allowed me to refine and develop those massage skills, but still left me wanting to have a larger impact on my client’s overall health.

I specialize in a deep yet relaxing massage that removes stress, relaxes, and comforts my clients, but also am trained in myofasial massage, positional release and other techniques. I look forward every day at The Wellness Sanctuary for the opportunity to make lives better and less stressful and to truly have a chance to make an impact on the lives of others.

I love to fly fish and be in the outdoors with my family, nothing makes me feel closer to my higher power then to share those moments with my family.  One of my future goals is to create a Wellness Center of my own that focuses on children with special needs and their parents/caregivers. 

Insurance Provider for: PIP and 3rd Party MVA.

Available: Mon 9am-2pm & Wed 430pm-830pm



image*About Mary Tahlequah


"Never give up on your HEALTH JOURNEY."

I graduated from Seattle School of Massage and started my massage practice, A Touch Towards Healing Therapeutic Massage in the early '90's.  I am certified in Orthopedic Massage and Assessment, Neuromuscular Therapy, Structural Integration and Medical Massage. 

I am passionate about massage and its healing effects.  This passion is underscored by the courses I’ve taken since graduating, which are specifically geared towards not only managing but eradicating the sources of pain, illness and stress in my client’s lives.

An important part of helping my clients reduce their pain and stress is to educate them so that we can work together as a team in reaching the goal of a stress- and pain-free life.  The ultimate effect of reaching that goal is to keep you doing what it is you love to do!

I enjoy nature, gardening, reading and spending time with our dogs and cats.  During the last 25 years I have rescued abused and neglected dogs.  In the last 12 years I have focused on rescuing Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes.  My last rescue was Milo (Pequeno Milagro meaning Little Miracle), a 5 ½ month old Pit Bull who was found severely abused and abandoned in the garage at Valley Medical Center.  When he was brought to me he could not walk and was emaciated.  Everyone, including the doctors, advised me not to try to save him.  He had such a loving and gentle spirit that I was reluctant to give up on him.  After a complete assessment the orthopedic surgeon determined Milo’s front legs would have to be re-broken and set after his wounds healed.

 It took eight months for his physical wounds to heal, during which time I massaged his legs three times a day.   It turned out the massage negated the need for surgery and today Milo is a well-adjusted 95 pound love!  Milo’s experience has prompted me to one day get my certification in Pet Massage and Rehabilitation.

I have suffered debilitating injuries several times during the course of my life.  Right after graduating Massage School I broke my arm in a baler conveyer system roller and was told that I would never be able to work as a massage therapist.  After 3 surgeries in 4 years I was able to finally start working in massage therapy.  Because of these experiences, I am also looking into Rehabilitation Personal Training for those clients who cannot participate in conventional personal training due to injury, post-surgical limitations or other physical limitations.

My personal journey has taught me to never give up and keep searching for answers—I apply this philosophy to my clients as well.  

I also had the honor of being named "Therapist of the Year" in 2011.  

Insurance Provider for: PIP, 3rd Party MVA, and OUT-OF-NETWORK; such as Regence.

Available: Mon & Fri 430pm-830pm, Wed 10am-330pm, and Sat 10am-5pm



*About Sasha Brown, Holistic Nutrition Educator & Practitioner (Plant-Based/Whole Foods), BA


"Let FOOD be your MEDICINE"

My name is Sasha Brown and I am a Plant-Based/Whole Foods Nutrition Presenter! I have been passionate about the experience of rejuvenation resulting from a shift to a natural diet since experimentation led to the healing of my own health issues.

Beginning in my late teenage years, and almost entirely through college, I dealt with the consequences of unknown food sensitivies/allergies on a daily basis: Acne and dry skin, inability to lose weight, frequent "colds," lack of motivation, anxiety and depression, hypothyroidism, a borderline eating disorder, and general fatigue were ongoing complaints that conventional Medical Doctors and therapists provided only short-term help with.

After discovering the notion of a "raw food diet," my research intensified. As I began to cut out dairy, meat, and gluten from my diet, and replacing these items with almond and nut milks, smoothies, grains, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, I became extremely inspired to share this information with others.

After graduating Washington State University in 2008 with a Bachelors Degree in Human Development and a minor in Psychology, I sought out a job with Seattle’s first raw food restaurant, "Thrive." In addition to being involved in various fundraising galas and events, I was trained in the kitchen, learning how to prepare Thrive’s full raw menu as well as being given the opportunity to teach raw classes such as, "smoothies 101," "dehydrating 101," etc.

As my contacts and knowledge within the raw community grew, I desired to finesse my food prep skills by seeking an internship with respected raw chef, Adam Lewis, the current owner of "House of the Sun" in Bellevue, WA. Over the course of this time period, I gained further experience by participating and hosting various raw catering events, and creating a four session, "Health Revitalization Course" aimed at helping people make the transition to a high raw diet.

This background has led to my current goal of providing people with education, tools, and resources which will support self sustainability and conscious choices. In our day and age it is more important now than ever to become empowered with accurate health related information that can dramatically effect how we function and feel on a day to day basis. I believe that a life of vitality and radiance is a reality we are all meant to live, and I am passionate about inspiring, educating, and supporting individuals on this path!  For more nutritional wellness tips and the like, visit:

Available: Monday's 9am-4pm